Elevate Your Spiritual Space with Priya Puja Ghar

lord Radha Krishna statues

In our busy lives, it’s hard to find moments of peace. Having a peaceful home with puja ghar for home can help. Priya Puja Ghar recognizes the value of these spaces, offering various items like lord Radha Krishna statues, etc to enhance your spiritual journey. Create a tranquil haven at home for worship and meditation […]

11 Mukhi Rudraksha: A Spiritual Journey to God

The word “Rudraksha” is a combination of two Sanskrit words: “Rudra” (another name for Lord Shiva) and “Aksha” (eye). Rudraksha beads emerged from the tears of Lord Shiva, which lay down on the Earth, giving birth to these sacred seeds or beads called rudraksha. The 11 Mukhi Rudraksha, referred as the Ekadash Rudraksha, is a […]

Place Lord Radha Krishna Statue in Your Home and Bring Spiritual Peace

In Hinduism, Lord Radha Krishna gains devotion from a huge population. Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of God to incarnate on earth. Hindu culture is widely recognized for its devotion and love towards God. People have placed Lord Radha Krishna statues in their homes to devote and pray to them. It is considered that […]

An Explanation of a Pooja Thali’s Significance in Hinduism

In Indian culture, religious rituals and devotion to God are very common. Indians have strong faith in God and celebrate God’s special day. To show their devotion to God, people usually do pooja. We are here to add a devotional glimpse to your puja with our traditional products. We at Priya Puja Ghar offer a […]

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Rudraksha Bracelet?

Are you getting frustrated by searching for the original Rudraksha bracelet and yoga mala? Well, we are glad to inform you that we have the best solution for your concern. Priya Puja Ghar is a leading provider of all puja-related and original devotional stuff at a reasonable cost. You are welcome to get in touch […]